“You want Spies with that?” Austria’s US Embassy twins with branch of McDonald’s – here’s what to expect.

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You want Spies with that? Austria's US Embassy twins with branch of McDonald's - here's what to expect

US citizens who need help in Austria can now head to their nearest branch of McDonald’s, because of an agreement signed by the fast-food giant.

McDonald’s say their clown won’t use it, although the US have confirmed their clown will.

Donald didn’t know Austria was even a country before today – but now he’s demanded a hotline direct from the White House.

So what exactly can this new outpost of the new US Embassy help with?

US citizens can ‘supersize’ to diplomatic immunity for only 99 cents.

Americans who’ve lost their passports can prove citizenship by stepping on the scales.

Although the chances are they’ve just been stolen by the Hamburglar – so Ambassador Ronald McDonald is expected to spend most of his time forcing him to return them.

Many are wondering whether to expect themed menu changes too

The stores are set to launch a new ‘McDonald Trump Spicey Chicken Wrap’…..no bones….spurs guaranteed.

US citizens can also expect tot be spoiled by new Ferrero Rocher flavoured McFlurry.

Concerns have been expressed over whether or not the new system will work

One man has already been smuggled across the Atlantic in diplomatic bag after pressing wrong button on the touchscreen menu.

Nonetheless – could it inspire other countries to follow suit?

North Korea are reportedly keen to have a hotline to Wendy’s Burger’s, while a half-eaten bag of chips in a gutter will now give Brits a direct line into the British Embassy.

The new McDonald’s slogan to reflect the changes?

Dah dah dah dah dah, they’re bugging it.

(Contributors: Roy Darby, Chris Ballard, David Hughes, Lee Thomas and Pete Redfern)

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