Yellow weather warning issued for Storm Gareth. But ongoing Storm Theresa is more dangerous, say Met Office.

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Yellow weather warning issued for Storm Gareth. But ongoing Storm Theresa is more dangerous, say Met Office

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for Tuesday and Wednesday ahead of Storm Gareth, whose strong winds have already caused some travel disruption.

Although they quickly added that Storm Gareth will be nowhere near as disruptive as the ongoing Storm Theresa that Britain has been subjected to for nearly three years, and which is due to culminate today as the so-called ‘meaningful vote’ on her Brexit deal is presented to the House of Commons.

The Met Office has said gusts from Storm Gareth could reach 80mph along northern coasts.

Whereas severe and sustained gales of hot air are expected to come from Theresa May as she tries to explain to MPs just how much her deal has changed since the last time they overwhelmingly voted to reject it.

Storm Gareth will bring the risk of damage to buildings, flying debris, large waves, power cuts and travel disruption, the Met Office says.

Forecasters predict that while disruptive, the effects of Storm Gareth are likely to last as long as it takes to make repairs to buildings and restore power to the rail and road networks, but the effects of Storm Theresa, however, are likely to last for years, especially if her deal is rejected by MPs and the country is forced to leave the EU without a deal.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: “We are looking at a blustery, unpredictable atmospheric depression, that poses a massive threat to infrastructure and possibly even life, and we can’t wait for it to be out of our country. And Storm Gareth is going to be noticeable too.”

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