Writers Ts and Cs – v0.2 (In effect from 1st Feb 2019)

We thought long and hard about whether it was right to ask writers to collaborate with us without paying them up front.

The internet is full of ‘opportunities’ to work for free – and generally, those involve someone in the centre who is getting paid, while you’re trying to put food on your table with the ‘exposure’ they’re so generously offering you.

That’s not what The News Dump is all about.

A Better Kind of Funny is a collective of TV Producers, Comedians and Comedy Writers who believe they can create an ecosystem that nurtures, and fully funds, online comedy.

And our ethos is pretty simple:

Collaborate to make stuff happen.

Work to get everyone paid.

Make sure we’re the last in line.

We’re not doing this out of the kindness of our hearts – we’re doing it because we believe we can create a viable business. And our original plan was to hire writers the traditional way, paying everyone up front – until we ran the numbers, and realised we’d all be bankrupt long before The News Dump even came close to being a success.

So instead we’re looking for collaborators.

People as intrigued as we are about the potential for a process that creates comedy and comedy products in the same movement – selling one to fund the other.

People who know that on our own, each of us is unlikely to build an online audience big enough to bring in the advertising revenue we’d need to pay for the content we want to create – and who can appreciate the benefits of being a part of something bigger.

People like you.

We’ve been running in stealth-mode for a while now, but we’re gearing up for a full launch very soon. If you’ve read the above, and you’re keen to be a part of The News Dump, just fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch very soon.


Our promise to you

While we don’t want to get bogged down in contracts, complex terms and conditions, and obtuse legal jargon – we’re making some pretty bold claims, and there’s money involved, so it’s important you know exactly what we’re proposing.

  • News Dump contributors can write articles as often or as rarely as they want to. There’s no commitment, and no pressure – although obviously the more content we have, the quicker we can grow.
  • Contributors will receive 100% of the profit that the on-page advertising on their articles generates.
    • Each month, we’ll take the total brought in via on-page advertising, and subtract the money spent on our own inbound advertising. The resulting figure is the on-page advertising profit for that month.
    • This figure will be divided by total page views, and each contributor will then receive a share based on the total page views their articles received.
    • Where more is spent inbound advertising than is raised via on-page advertising, that deficit will be carried across from month to month, until we’ve managed to turn the negative into a positive.
    • Where an article has been created by two or more contributors, advertising revenue may be split evenly among them, or may be pro-rated by the size of the contribution.
    • No deductions will be made by us for running costs or administration – the only expense that factors into the calculation is the physical cost of inbound advertising.
      • The majority of this advertising takes place on Facebook, with sponsored posts boosting the reach of our most engaging content, and ‘Follow Us’ campaigns ensuring a steady growth in follower numbers.
    • All contributors will have access to the analytics page of the website, so they can see exactly how well their articles are performing.
      • Contributors should be aware that these are indicative figures only. Google Analytics counts each and every visit. Google Adsense (our advertising provider) only counts visits from those without AdBlocking software.
    • Each month contributors will receive a report that details the total advertising profit, the total number of page views, their share of those page views, and the monies owing to them.
      • If the total amount owing is £10.00 or above, payment will be made that month. If the total amount owing is less than £10.00, it will be carried over to the next month’s report.
  • Contributors will receive 100% of the profits from any items sold in the store based on their jokes or ideas.
    • The store is built around a print-on-demand model – that means we are able to feature as many products as we like, only paying for them to be created when someone actually buys them.
      • It is important to all of us that all items for sale in the store are high quality – both in terms of the ideas behind them, and the quality of the designs. Therefore not every product suggested will get created.
    • Where contributors have submitted an idea for an item, and the designs have then been created by an outsourced graphic designer, ‘profit’ will be calculated as the total sale price, minus the costs our supplier charges for creating the item, the cost of advertising the product, and any graphic design costs.
    • Where contributors have submitted an idea for an item, and either created the designs themselves, or one of the News Dump core team have created them, ‘profit’ will be calculated as the total sale price, minus the cost our supplier charges for creating the item and the cost of advertising the product.
    • Contributors who have items featuring in the store will receive an additional line in their monthly report detailing total sales, total costs, and therefore the additional monies owing to them.
      • As above, If the total amount owing is £10.00 or above, payment will be made that month. If the total amount owing is less than £10.00, it will be carried over to the next month’s report.
  • We aim to grow The News Dump rapidly. We’re passing 100% of the on-page ad profit, and 100% of the profits from the store, straight to our contributors – but the ultimate aim is for both of these to be so profitable that we’re able to pay a generous set fee for all contributions, and still make a profit on top.
    • With that in mind, we reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement – including the percentages of revenue and profit on offer.
    • We will give all contributors 30 days notice of any changes that might affect them.
    • Any changes will only apply to content created after the end of that 30 day notice period. This means that even when we’ve moved to a fee-paying model, contributors who’ve helped us grow to that point will still be receiving 100% of the on-page ad profit, and 100% of the store profit, for content and items created during this initial phase.