Would I Lie To You’s festive celebrity special to star Prince Andrew, Boris and Trump

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Would I Lie To You celebrity special to star Prince Andrew, Boris and Trump

The BBC has been showcasing the programmes it hopes will be big hits with viewers this Christmas.

And one of the most eyecatching items on the list is a celebrity stuffed edition of the popular panel show Would I lie To You.

The team captains will be British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and American President Donald Trump. The role of chairman has been given to the current holder of the TV Times Most Dishonest Royal Award, none other than Prince Andrew.

BBC press spokeswoman Sandra Slater revealed the corporation was delighted with the line-up it had been able to secure.

“Obviously we need to get this one filmed as soon as possible, because there’s no telling when the FBI might secure a warrant for Prince Andrew’s arrest,” she acknowledged.

“It would be so embarrassing if two burly special agents suddenly appeared on the set half way through recording and dragged the prince away in handcuffs with the cameras rolling.”

Ms Slater admitted the show was likely to come in for criticism for its lack of female representation.

“Honestly our admin team has done its very best to get some high profile women liars, but the list of potential candidates is pretty thin on the ground to be honest,” she said.

“We did have Theresa May pencilled in as a possible, but let’s face it she was more incompetent than an outright bullshitter. I think Priti Patel is a star in the making, but she needs a bit more time in cabinet to hone her lying skills.

“Despite that I’m sure the public will agree the stars we have got make for a pretty stellar line up in the world of porky pies.”

The full list of team members has yet to be announced, but bookmakers are offering short odds on names which include Farage, Robinson, Blair and Raab.


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