World’s first bendy phone to be demoed at CES 2019 expo. It gets in shape so you don’t have to.

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Phone gets in shape so you don't have to

Chinese company Royole will be at the CES technology trade show in Las Vegas to show-off the FlexPai – a phone with a flexible screen that can fold out into a tablet.

The new device is reportedly eager to demonstrate its athletic abilities. It can flow through yoga poses, take a Zumba class and even go for a run unattended, allowing you to rack up an Instagrammable step count on the pedometer app while staying in bed and letting your body go to the dogs like you’ve always wanted.

A ‘developer’s version’ of the phone was made available in October, with the hope that companies will develop apps to take advantage of its unique features.

Many existing apps are enhanced by the phone’s supple form. When the user opens Tinder, the FlexPai will literally bend over backwards to demonstrate positions from the Karma Sutra. Some testers reported the resulting display to be so arousing in its own right that Tinder was no longer ‘required’…whatever that means.

In apparently unrelated feedback, the same users reported the device to be ‘resistant to a range of spillages’.

Royole says the FlexPai has been thoroughly resilience tested, and should survive tens of thousands of flexes before it breaks…

…unlike technology titan Elon Musk’s bathroom mirror, which withstood just one round of his fresh-out-the-shower posing routine before opting to end its own miserable existence.

The Flexpai is the first in an expected wave of bendable phones from various manufacturers. It is unknown whether the technology will prove popular with consumers.

However, Royole has suggested that when users inevitably get bored of the FlexPai flopping around in their pocket like an asphyxiating salmon, it could be repurposed as a fancy oven glove, an adjustable access ramp for small pets with mobility issues, or a replacement hinge for interior doors.

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