‘World’s cutest dog’ dies of heartbreak. Well, that and his penchant for eating worms out of other dogs’ butts.

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Social media star Boo the Pomeranian dog has died at the age of 12.

Sources close to Boo’s family suggest that all the unwanted media attention drove Boo to take his own life.

He OD’d on chocolate.

They say he really just wanted a quiet life chasing cars and ejaculating over people’s legs.

Boo’s owners said they think his heart literally broke when his “best friend” – a dog called Buddy – died in 2017.

A leading vet said this was obviously “bollocks” and that Boo probably died as a result of his penchant for eating shit straight from cats’ litter trays.

Boo’s best friend (and, some say, lover) had to be put down after eating a pensioner’s face when a stroke rendered them immobile. Awww.

Now that Boo’s owners are themselves broken hearted their close family are advising them to put their affairs in order. After all, they need to ensure all that sweet online ad revenue gets split equally in the will.

Boo had 16 million followers on Facebook and even released a book called ‘Boo – the life of the world’s cutest dog.’

That’s right, millions of people – roughly the populations of London and New York combined – enjoyed seeing Boo get up to his wonderfully cute little antics.

These included sniffing other dogs’ anuses, licking other dogs’ anuses and pulling worms out of other dogs’ anuses with his teeth.

He would also fuck shoes but in a really sweet, adorable, social media friendly way.

Boo became an ambassador for a US airline and appeared on several TV shows in the US.

Boo became the original ‘emotional support pet’ when an airline advert showed him sympathising with his owner’s feelings by shitting and pissing copiously in the aisle during an emergency landing.

However, a controversial appearance on ‘Pets Win Prizes’ when he rolled over in a manner that was only slightly cute marked the beginning of the end. So began his descent into depression.

For his millions of fans though, Boo’s legacy will… ooh look, a cute cat video!


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