“Why all the hate?!”, asks confused Brexit-liar and Greta-Thunberg-ill-wisher Aaron Banks

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Why all the hate?!, asks confused Brexit-liar and Greta-Thunberg-ill-wisher Aaron Banks

Multi-millionaire business man Aaron Banks, co-founder of Leave EU and major funder of UKIP whilst Nigel Farage was leader, has come under criticism for a tweet apparently wishing harm on climate change activist Greta Thunberg

“What’s wrong with you people?”, protested Mr Banks, “You, don’t like it when I lie about Brexit and then when I try to be open, honest and transparent about my true feelings towards a 16yo Swedish climate activist you all get hot under the collar.”

Aaron Banks tweeted “Freak yachting accidents do happen in August …” in response to good wishes sent by former Green Party leader Caroline Lucus to Greta Thunberg

“Can’t you people take a joke”, defended the man who allegedly pumped £8.4M in to the 2016 Leave campaign, “Good grief, what kind of world are we living in, when a wealthy 53 year old man, with alleged connections to several pro-Trump & pro-Brexit satire news websites,  can’t make veiled social media threats, of harm, towards a sea-faring schoolgirl, with Asperger’s Syndrome? You’ll be telling me next that I can’t talk to Russian Embassy officials next, to forge lucrative post-Brexit deals”

The Observer has seen evidence that suggests his Leave.EU campaign team met with Russian embassy officials as many as 11 times in the run-up to the EU referendum and in the two months beyond

“Utter tosh!”, Mr Banks retorted, “What possible interest could a man who was alleged, by The Guardian, to have set up 37 companies, using slight variations of his own name, have in lucrative business deals with countries outside of the EU? You’ll be telling me next that I’m not allowed to commission a poll on whether the murder of Jo Cox MP, by an English Nationalist, effected people’s voting intentions”

Following the murder of Jo Cox, Arron Banks commissioned a poll on whether her murder had affected public opinion on voting.

“What is this? Some kind of character assassination? Excuse the pun, only joking! I suppose you’ll make a meal out that, slip of the tongue,  now”, rebuffed the man who has a controlling interest in a diamond mine in Kimberley, South Africa ,  “What harm is there in canvassing people to find out if the brutal murdering of Pro-European MPs, by a far right extremists is in any way beneficial to the voting intentions of those supporting the Brexit cause?”, responded Mr Banks

Greta Thunberg is currently aboard Malizia II, making a zero-carbon journey to UN Climate Summits in the US and Chile.

Greta Thunberg responded, “Well actually Mr Banks is correct. Abnormal weather conditions in the mid-Atlantic, owing to a shift in the jet-stream, caused by climate change, mean the probability of a serious, maritime accident, in the Northern Hemisphere summer months,  is now far greater than at any other time in the last two centuries. So don’t be too hard on the vile bastard!”

(Additional Material: Daniel Burt)

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