“Wheels came before walls” says Trump.  “God invented them, and the next day he built a wall around the Garden of Eden to keep those damn Mexicans out”.

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Donald Trump has rebuffed criticism that his proposed border wall is ‘medieval’ by pointing out that wheels are even old than walls, and they’re still in use.

“Wheels are really, really old – but people still use them. God invented the wheel on the third day, because he realised Adam’s Chevy Corvette had something missing. Then on the fourth day he build a wall to keep out those damn Mexicans”.

If Trump has done just a little bit of research he would have found that walls actually predate wheels by a couple of thousand years.

Which explains why we don’t hear much about a ‘Great Wheel of China’ that can be seen from space.

Trump then continued his rambling speech by talking about the expensive cars that the Secret Service use and the wheels on those vehicles.

No-one is quite sure how long he spoke for, as something more relevant and interesting began happening while the President was speaking.

A full report on that paint drying will be published shortly.

Pete Redfern

Written By: Pete Redfern

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