We’re Going On A Beer Hunt

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We're going on a beer hunt

We’re going on a Beer Hunt its going to be a long one

It’s going to be a great day.. we’re not pissed as we’re
missing our five pints a day.

Uh Oh a Pub by a canal a great big Pub

That used to sell ale and wholesome grub

Now it’s a Lockdown instead of a Lock In.

We’re not pissed, we’ll have to settle for gin.

We’re going on a Beer Hunt it’s been a month now, and were still not pissed.

C’mon Mr. Government can’t you see what we’ve all missed,

dancing in a nightclub and getting kissed,

this lockdown nows turning into a right saga,

and were all dying for a couple pints of Lager.

Uh Oh a River a great big River with a waterside Pub

Splish Splosh Splish Splosh oh Shit it’s still on Lockdown

By the time the pubs open Charles will be wearing a crown.

Were going on a Beer Hunt we don’t scare

All we want is a pint of Bombardier.

Uh Oh a Brewery a great Big Brewery

Craft, Camra, Draught we don’t mind

We just want to get ‘Smashed out of our mind’


‘WE’RE GOING ON A BEER HUNT’.. additional material

Carls Berg, John Smith and Stella Artois.


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