Weinstein will ‘drop a lot of soap’ here, says new cellmate Big Dave

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Weinstein will 'drop a lot of soap' in prison, says Big Dave

Harvey Weinstein has been described by Big Dave as a man who will ‘drop a lot of soap’ in prison.

The former Hollywood mogul is facing up to 25 years following his conviction for two sexual offences

And New York inmate Big Dave said he’s looking forward to initiating Weinstein into  YesYouToo Club.

Weinstein arrived at court using a walking frame.

Big Dave said he was ‘super excited’ by this as he likes ‘them vulnerable.’

At one point, Weinstein was one of the most powerful men in Hollywood.

And Big Dave said it’s not impossible for the 67 year old to rise through the prison ranks as long as ‘he understands what he needs to do to get there.’

During the trial Weinstein’s defence team argued his accusers had consensual sex with him to advance the careers.

But in the end the jury were convinced of his guilt after seeing pictures of the ugly fucker alongside the women who accused him.

Weinstein will remain in custody until sentencing.

During his time in prison, he’s expected to consent to pretty much anything, even if occasionally he consents under duress and just because he feels like he has no option.


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