Week of defeats gets even worse for Brexiteers, as Jim Davidson cancels comedy shows.

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Week of defeats gets even worse for Brexiteers, as Jim Davidson cancels comedy shows

Jim Davidson cancelled a southport gig less than an hour before it was scheduled to start, leaving fans furious.

This act has left Davidson’s core audience of Brexiteers even more disheartened, following a particularly grueling week in parliament, which saw Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans losing steam. He has had to ask the EU for a Brexit extension, and his withdrawal fast track bill has been rejected by parliament.

A horde of Brexiteers flocked to Southport Theater to see Jim Davidson, in order to take their mind off the week’s events, but were informed he had cancelled with less than an hour to go.

One fan expressed his disappointment at Davidson’s cancellation.

“It’s been a rough week, I was hoping to take my mind off things with a lighthearted evening of laughing about people who look different than me, but I can’t even get that.”

Another fan in their 70s, was hoping Davidson could lift her spirits.
“I’m so annoyed. I voted for Brexit, and was hoping to enjoy it for about six to nine months, but now it looks like it’ll never happen in my considerably limited lifetime.
I’m outraged a younger generation who never voted for it will get to enjoy it, but me and all of my friends won’t.”

One fan expressed his outrage in a statement containing multiple derogatory terms for Indian people, that it’s not worth trying to salvage what he said into a coherent statement.

Davidson’s particular brand of comedy has resonated strongly with leave voters, who appreciate his ingenious ability to view racism and punchlines as one and the same. Many are sick of the so called ‘PC comedians’ who are too busy with ‘subtext’ and ’empathy’.

One fan, who called our reporter a ‘poof’ after finding out they had a university degree, explained why he finds Davidson’s comedy so endearing.

“It’s amazing. I get to laugh AND be proven right that brown people are ruining the country in 60 minutes, sometimes 45 if Jim’s had to walk up a flight of stairs beforehand.”

Earlier this year, Davidson made news for saying ‘UK has paid the European Union ‘in blood on the Flanders field’ and it was ‘time to take our country back’.

These were inspiring words from a man so patriotic that he moved to Dubai in 2004, instead of paying the British government £700,000 in taxes.


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