“Computer Says Nyet” – Russia blames IT problems for South Korean airspace violation

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Computer Says Nyet - Russia blames IT problems for South Korean airspace violation

The Russian defence ministry has sent a cheeky text to South Korea letting them know that it’s intrusion into their air defence zone was just one of those office IT issues.

A Russian military official expressed “deep regret” to the South Korean defence ministry and blamed a technical glitch, South Korea said.

With a budget higher than any European nation, Russia was quick to deploy a member of staff to press the big red power button and turn their radars off and on again, in an attempt to reconnect with the jet pilots and stop them from entering South Korean airspace.

The Russian defence ministry had previously aggressively denied the violation.

We contacted the ministry for an updated statement.

“I honestly didn’t know it was happening. Someone tried sending me an email, but it just turned up blank? I think the file didn’t attach. And then we got an Out of Office, which we accidentally deleted.”

Seoul’s presidential office also announced that South Korean jets fired 360 rounds of warning shots, a claim which is disputed by Russia.

Russia is expected to confirm the news on Thursday, once Matt from IT is back from his holiday.

The Russian warplane has now twice violated its territorial airspace.

According to an interview these violations were both carried out by an intern who has since been fired.

He offered the following explanation, “The first time was because I forgot my password, then I remembered it was DIE55746KOREA//3. Then the second time was the blue screen of death, which is ironic because death is what we’re bringing to Korea.”

Russia is currently said to be experiencing laggy internet, which it strongly hopes won’t end in another illegal surveillance operation.

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