“We can all eat insects in our post-apocalyptic no-deal Brexit hell” says Health Secretary Matt Hancock

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We can all eat insects in our post-apocalyptic no-deal Brexit hell says Health Secretary Matt Hancock

“We have to feed a growing population in need of protein and insects are part of the solution.” – Kees Aarts (Insect farmer)

We’re saved!

No need to worry about empty shelves in Sainsbury’s, we can eat processed cockroach meat instead, now isn’t that great news?

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock seems to think so, he’s suggesting that in the Mad Max type post-apocalyptic hell hole that Britain is about to become, bug burgers will put a smile on the face even the most emaciated remainer.

And apparently you can even make latte out of it too, so Guardian readers will also be saved.

Take that Barnier!

Insect-based food ‘better for pets than top steak’

Currently we’re only feeding this shit to pets but apparently humans can eat it too with a lot of ketchup and a peg on their nose.

Top chef’s are already getting in on the act including Jamie Oliver who’s new book ‘Grub Grub’ explores such delights as Grub Lasagna, Grub foie gras and Grub cheesecake.

Channel 4 is also expected to launch a new cooking show called ‘Bug Off’ where 12 aspiring insect cooks will compete to impress the judges with dishes made from things they found under rocks or crawling out of the rotting corpses of roadkill.

Dogs and cats like insect-based food

Don’t be put off by the fact that the only animals currently enjoying insect based food will also quite happily lick shit off their own assholes.

Mr Hancock is confident that it’s really just a question of acquiring a taste for it.

After all, who liked curry the first time they ate it, or beer?

You just need to get used to it.

And if you really don’t want to eat insects, then fatten up your pets on it and eat them instead!


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