Wasted day for Conservatives after Boris Johnson gets trapped in his own jumper

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Wasted day for Conservatives after Boris Johnson gets trapped in his own jumper

It’s been less than a week since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of Britain.

In that time he’s already busied himself by restructuring the Conservative and pushed ahead with his plans to enact Brexit.

However, he accomplished barely anything yesterday after party members found him in a storage cabinet, trapped inside of a jumper.

Johnson is in the midst of a campaign blitz to make Brexit happen by any means necessary.

He had several meetings planned yesterday to work on various strategies, however none of these came to fruition as cabinet members spent hours desperately trying to remove his head from a jumper.

It is believed the Prime Minister went into the storage cabinet to change, after a drop in temperature yesterday, before finding himself entangled in the garment. He was shouting that he didn’t need help, but was clearly struggling to remove the jumper from his upper half.

One witness described it as ‘tragic’.
“It was just sad. Like watching a squirrel get caught in some bunting.”

Johnson is scheduled to visit Scotland in an attempt to strengthen unity in the United Kingdom.

This trip may be put on hold after the disastrous lack of progress made yesterday as staff struggled to remove Johnson’s head from the jumper for over five hours.

“He just couldn’t grasp the concept of it,” said an anonymous cabinet member, “He just kept flailing like a ferret caught in a bin bag. He wouldn’t stop squirming and it was as if his head was four sizes too big for the opening.”

Staff considered cutting him out of it, but relented due to the cost of the jumper. There were also damp spots on the item, suggesting the Prime Minister had tried to gnaw his way through it.

After hours without progress, Johnson got spooked after hearing who he believed was Dianne Abott, and ran into a wall which knocked him unconscious.

Emergency services soon arrived to remove the Jumper.

Boris Johnson is 55 years old. In 2016 he referred to Africa as a country.

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