Virgin Trains paints ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ from England to Scotland. Spoiling the film completely for those going the other way.

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Virgin Trains is painting the script of Christmas favourite It’s a Wonderful Life on platforms from Euston to Glasgow.

Completely spoiling the film for those going from Glasgow to Euston.

The 1946 film tells how life gradually grinds down George Bailey, played by James Stewart, to the point where he thinks the world would be better off without him. However, before he takes the fatal step an angel shows him what would have happened if he’d never been born, and the number of people whose lives he has touched for the better.

In this new version, the happy ending has been replaced by Glasgow.

The 7.5km of script will be gradually unveiled during the festive period, painted over the course of 14 nights in 14 locations.

Virgin had considered starting the story at Glasgow but discovered it wouldn’t ever reach Euston, due to the Scots shorter life expectancy.

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