Virgin Atlantic relaxes make-up rules, as Richard Branson keen look like less of a clown.

Virgin Atlantic relaxes make-up rules, as Richard Branson keen look like less of a clown

Cabin crew working for Virgin Atlantic are no longer required to wear make-up while on duty.

The long-term aim of the rule relaxation is that Richard Branson will now look like less of a clown.

Virgin said it was a “significant change” in an industry where female crew are often expected to make a conscious effort with their appearance.

Although if you’re a white male owner you’re free to turn up to work looking a mess anytime.

The airline industry has been among the most conservative when it comes to appearance standards, although it is gradually changing.

Much like the cabin crew’s appearance did, as their make-up ‘wore off’ towards the end of a long-haul flight.

One male member of cabin crew welcomed the changing attitude to wearing make-up on duty. Mr Bubbles said his make-up, along with giant shoes and red nose, has allowed him to branch out and perform during flights.

Dave, a Virgin passenger from Bridgend, was originally sceptical about Mr Bubbles show but in the end called it ‘A great way to keep the brats quiet for the duration of the flight.’

British Airways dropped its no-trouser rule for women in 2016.

And, one year later, they were even allowed to wear a skirt.

Newer airlines, such as EasyJet and Ryanair, usually have fairly relaxed rules on uniform.

Staff can choose whether to wear either trousers, skirts or make-up with each available for only a £20 surcharge.

In fact, wearing too much make-up has previously seen the air crew being charged a supplement for exceeding their weight limit.

Sports Direct have an unusual clause for employees, as they’re not allowed to wash. All their staff are on zero showers contracts.

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