Viewing figures plummet for TV favourite ‘Brexit’ as viewers complain of ‘pointless characters’ and ‘overcomplicated plots’.

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The latest series of long-running TV show Brexit is due to reach its climax tonight with another Parliamentary showdown for its season finale.

However, producers will be concerned about a recent drop-off in viewing figures, with many fans of the show claiming it has become “over-complicated” and “too clever for its own good”.

Last week’s episode featured 48 minutes of politicians from all parties coming up with amendments to the withdrawal agreement, designed to reshape future negotiations with the EU.

It turned out to be a massive turn-off for viewers with only 1.4m tuning in for the episode – way below the 50m who saw the show’s peak on 24 June 2016.

Simon Ellison, from Nottingham, is one of many viewers who’ve decided they’ve had enough of the show.

“It was great when it started,” he said. “You had Cameron’s dramatic resignation, the bluster of Boris Johnson and Gove, and the stunned reaction to the vote result from people all around the country.

“But this latest season has been dullsville. I hate the backstop sub-plot and it’s impossible to follow all the convoluted stuff about the customs union and Commons amendments.

“It feels like the scriptwriters have run out of ideas and are just chucking in more and more pointless characters like Stephen Barclay and Kit Malthouse.

“I’ll probably only start watching again if something blows up or someone gets shot.”

TV critics have also slated recent episodes, with one saying: “What was once the most enthralling and shocking drama on television has become bogged down in bureaucracy and repetition.

“A major problem is the show doesn’t seem to know what to do with its best characters – the baddies Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg.”

However, producers have fired back at critics and promised viewers the best is yet to come.

One said: “We have a clear idea where the narrative is heading and trust us – there’s going to be fireworks soon!”

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