Viewers disappointed as Gavin and Stacey cliffhanger leads to the possibility of more James Corden on TV

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Viewers disappointed as Gavin and Stacey cliffhanger leads to the possibility of more James Corden on TV

The Gavin and Stacey christmas special was the highest viewed show of Christmas day, with around 11.6 million viewers.

Many were disappointed that, even after waiting nearly a decade, the show ended on a cliffhanger.
This has left many viewers depressed, as they have grown to despise  the overwhelming amount of James Corden on TV the past few years, and are upset at the possibility of even MORE James Corden.

Twitter user Lauren88xoxo wrote:
“I love Gavin and Stacey. But I don’t think my love for the show could make me take any more James Corden.”

Another viewer commented on the BBCs facebook page, believing that the entire Christmas special was just an ‘elaborate stunt’ to get another series, and therefore MORE James Corden.
“I don’t think they did this for the fans at all. I just think this was James Corden trying to shove himself onto even more screens.”

Television critics were also disappointed at the possibility of even more James Corden in 2020.

The Guardian said that the cliffhanger was “Corden bait” and a definite attempt at the star trying to “Increase his current thrall over every single screen and TV show in existence.”

The Telegraph said that one christmas special was bearable, but the prospect of a weekly dose of Corden was ‘too ghastly to think about’.

The Radio times review declared:
“Even more James Corden in 2020? Oh for Fuck’s sake.”

Corden has 4 hollywood movies set for release in 2020.

All will be rated 18 for ‘Strong language’ coming entirely from the audience.

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