Useless twats go back to big pointy building to continue talking shite – everyone cheers!

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“There's no culture of fear in government - and I’ll sack anyone who disagrees” insists Dominic Cummings

Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful, the Supreme Court has ruled.

Yes that’s right, that gaggle of useless fucks we call the government, the opposition and various other unsavoury hanger-oners are jumping into their clown cars and chugging back to the big pointy building (parliament) to mouth off at each other.

People are walking around the streets randomly hugging strangers and having sex in shopping mall fountains out of pure joy because Parliament is to reconvene.

Yesterday eleven of the most educated people in the country agreed on something that any half attentive six year old already knew ie. that Boris Johnson is a liar.

As a result MP’s shall go back to parliament and…continue dithering about Brexit whilst ignoring all other issues and allowing the country to continue it’s uncontrollable descent into a swirling shit storm.

We’re saved!

A raft of MPs have now called for the prime minister to resign

Great! Yes let’s make the Prime Minister resign!

Yes let’s replace him and his government with The Labour Party; another gang of bickering dolts who can’t even make their mind up whether they’re for or against Brexit.

Hurrah, we can have Jeremy ‘I’m not sure if I put my pants on this morning’ Corbyn as our new Premier.

Let’s not forget; the last person looking like Jeremy Corbyn who was put in charge of something important was driving the fucking Titanic!

Fuck it, we might as well just replace the lot of them with mannequins, hand the governing of the country over to the woke left and the hard right on Twitter and have a referendum every time someone farts.

Well, at least democracy is the true victor.

Despite the ruling they’re not expecting as full house as half of the cheap bastards probably went on holiday with Thomas Cook!


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