Two of Facebook’s top-dogs to exit. Zuckerberg blocked them for posting too many tedious pics of their lunch.

Two of Facebook's top-dogs to exit. Zuckerberg blocked them for posting too many tedious pics of their lunch

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced the departure of the firm’s chief product officer Chris Cox and head of WhatsApp Chris Daniels.

The men were blocked by Zuckerberg after posting pictures of their lunch.

Mr Cox joined in 2005, a year after Facebook was founded.

But his picture of a quinoa kebab with lentil sauce was too much for Zuckerberg who immediately posted an angry emoji and then blocked Cox before he could reply.

Mr Cox’s wife responded by posting ‘WTF snake. Yeah you know who u r’

Chris Daniels has expressed his remorse for his actions. His post of cheese on toast with no flouncy extras sent hipsters into a rage. We spoke to Tarquin from Tunbridge Wells who said that he found the image so offensive that he couldn’t even muster the will to wax his moustache this morning.

The changes come shortly after Mr Zuckerberg outlined his plan to transform Facebook into a platform for privacy-focused messaging.

In a statement Zuckerberg said ‘Nobody cares what you had for dinner. Nobody cares what your kid did on Saturday. And believe it or not we’ve all had cocktails, and a picture of one is fuck all use to anybody.’

Facebook has been sharply criticised in the past over lack of user privacy and the spread of offensive content and misinformation.

Dave from Bridgend told us he’d been on the receiving end of misinformation and wanted it on record that he has ‘never had an STD, so maybe it’s Julie whose the slag.’ We declined to comment on Julies slag status, but Dave said, ‘Not to worry. I’ll just put it on the Bridgend Gossip Page and see what her husband has to say about that.’

Facebook has lost several top executives during the last two years, including its general counsel, chief security officer, and co-founders of WhatsApp and Instagram. Despite this they claim 2.32 billion users worldwide.

Which means a third of the planet no longer has to run the risk of racist thug and all round moron Tommy Robinson popping up on their newsfeed.

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  1. I am a brown man from London, please provide evidence to suggest why Tommy is racist? Or are you just a parroting other intellectually deficient leftists? Is it such an insurmountable challenge to distinguish between critique of the Quran and Islamic ideology with hatred of a people based on their skin colour? Do you consider Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and England’s most excellent and sadly departed journalist Christopher Hitchens, all of who have engaged in bellicose critique of Islam, and rightly so, as racist thugs? Stop embarrassing yourself, it is rather pathetic to defend a religion you know nothing about, what a cunt.

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