TV medium Derek Acorah dies. Immediately announces plans to resurrect his career.

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TV medium Derek Acorah dies. Still plans to resurrect his career

Television medium and psychic Derek Acorah has died aged 69.

Within minutes of the announcement he sent a message from beyond the grave to confirm he’ll be relaunching his career soon.

He had performed regular live shows across the UK, with further tour dates planned for February and May this year.

Via Ouija board he apologised to fans saying that, as a psychic, he ‘really should have seen this coming’.

Acorah was best known for Living TV’s Most Haunted, a reality TV series that followed a team of paranormal experts as they investigated haunted locations.

Living TV have confirmed they’re already in negotiations with Mr Acorah’s spirit and hope to send a psychic message to fans of the show in the coming weeks with more information.

Acorah departed as the show’s guest medium after six series in 2005 over claims of fakery with co-host Yvette Fielding saying, ‘We tell people everything is real, then it turns out he was a fake, so he had to go.’

Before his death, Acorah tweeted ‘See you again soon, Yvette’ and suggested the new series of Most Haunted be broadcast ‘live from the Fielding household’ as he intends to ‘spend a lot of the afterlife kicking around there.’

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