Trump will agree trade deal if UK agrees to become 51st State.

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Trump will agree trade deal if UK agrees to become 51st State

With Britain remaining in deadlock over Brexit, a huge question mark hangs over the future of the country.

America has already announced that it would be eager to agree a trade deal with the UK once it leaves the European Union.

But now, like a shark smelling blood in the water, Donald Trump feels there might be even richer pickings for him to take advantage of.

Sensing the mounting sense of flailing desperation that is sweeping across the nation, Mr Trump has stepped in with an audacious offer to take over the UK.

“This is a chance for you Brits to ditch the fuddy duddy Europeans with all their goodwill and peaceful co-operation nonsense. Come and be the 51st State of the good old USA,” Mr Trump invited.

Channeling his inner DFS sofa advert, the American President said that for one weekend only he was prepared to offer the British exceptionally good terms on a deal.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but you got to hurry folks. There won’t be time for stupid things like asking lawyers for legal advice, just sign on the bottom line and we’re done.

“You can trust me, I give you my word as a gentleman. For example I think you’ll love the plans I’ve got for the NHS.”

Some people have expressed concerns over Britain developing closer ties with America. The critics say we would need to think carefully before opening ourselves up to the land of lax gun control, chlorinated chicken and opioid addiction.

There are also security worries about Mr Trump’s relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. But Mr Trump has hit back, saying he was completely exonerated by the Mueller Report looking into allegations of Russian involvement and collusion in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

“I absolutely have never colluded with Putin, I just carry out the orders he sends me,” Mr Trump added.

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  1. Become a American! is this a dream? We should sign up as soon as we can! We can then have real freedom of speech! the real freedom to self defence with a firearm and feel safer with a gun on are hips and less crimes like burglary because they will have fear of getting shot by a mother protecting her family at 3am, and joining the biggest and best country in the world and have the best protection with the might of the USA Military I’m raising the American flag on my house as soon as possible please let this become true I have had it with the UK now

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