Trump threatens to meet Darroch outside after school and give him a good kicking.

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Trump threatens to meet Darroch outside after school and give him a good kicking

Sir Kim Darroch, UK ambassador to the US has resigned after Trump called him a pompous fool following Darroch calling the president ‘inept’.

Not content with the resignation Trump passed a note to Darroch telling him to meet him behind the sports hall after school as he was going to get a good kicking.

Theresa May tried to calm the situation but stood in support of Darroch, a decision that angered Trump and prompted him to call her a ‘disaster’ and ‘foolish.

Theresa then ‘tooled up’ by borrowing a number of sovereign rings from her best mates and sent a message back to Trump saying that he was ‘well gonna get it’ and warning him ‘not to tell no one or he is so dead.’

Trump vowed not to deal with the UK ambassador over the bombshell comments he made in diplomatic memos

that were rumoured to have been scrunched into a ball and thrown to one another without the teacher seeing them.

Government officials from both sides were in talks to meet just after the bell, stand around in a circle and chant ‘fight, fight’ until an adult comes along and breaks them up.

Darroch commented ‘I don’t even care if I get a detention or nothing. He’s had it coming to him and I’m gonna kick his head in.’ In reply Trump issued a stark warning ‘Bring your mates. I’ll do you all.’

‘That’s what your mum said last night’ replied Darroch.

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