Trump sees North Korea “becoming a different kind of rocket”. Kim Jong Un furious that his mech-suit plans have been leaked to the world.

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Trump sees North Korea becoming a different kind of rocket. Kim Jong Un furious that his mech-suit plans have been leaked to the world

Donald Trump has confirmed he will meet with Kim Jong Un on February 27th, and ended the tweeted announcement by declaring North Korea may well become “a different type of rocket”.

This caused a great upset for Supreme Leader Kim, who was hoping his rocket-powered missile-based mech suit would be operational before being revealed to the world.

It is unclear how Supreme Leader Donald came to know about the 200-ton weaponsied armor, which is designed to hold Kim Jong Un’s consciousness in the case of his death. Little is known of the details, particularly because most of the scientists working on the program were executed for the crime of suggesting the Supreme Leader could die.

In the tweet, Trumps stated that Jong Un “might surprise some but won’t surprise me because I have gotten to know him & know how capable he is”.

That capability, again, takes the form of a terrifying semi-sentient peice of weaponry. Trump’s cryptic reference to North Korea becoming an ‘economic rocket’ could be a poorly considered, clunky metaphor, or could be a reference to plans for Supreme Leader Kim to use the rocket suit to rob banks throughout Metropolis.

When relationships between the two countries weren’t as productive Supreme Leader Donald famously referred to the North Korean leader as “rocket man”.

Supreme Leader Kim is reported to have stormed into his room mumbling “I’ll show him a Rocket Man…” before sketching out early blueprints for the mech-suit.

The two Leaders Most Supreme will meet in Hanoi, where it is expected Supremest Leader Kim will present Supremier-Maximer Leader Donald with a solid gold, Trump branded rocket man suit of his own.

Supreme Leader Kim will return in Avengers: Endgame.

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