Trump explains certainty over Russian Meddling: “I asked Putin, and Putin said no.”

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Donald Trump is convinced there was no Russian meddling – because he asked Putin, and Putin said no.

He may be a brutal dictator, hell bent on the destruction of the West, but he is not a liar. Thank goodness we can finally put all that nonsense to bed.

It makes you wonder why the so called ‘intelligence’ services didn’t do that themselves. When you think of all the money they’ve wasted by investigating leads and looking for evidence, but nobody even thought to just ask Putin? Come on guys, get your act together.

He also told us they didn’t bribe any FIFA members to get the World Cup, poison Litvenchenko, and they never wear those silly furry hats – they’re just for the tourists. Honestly, if you just put aside your prejudices and listen to the man you can learn a lot from him.

Adam Hunt

Written By: Adam Hunt

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