Trump blames video games for violent rise in people ‘smashing bricks to get precious coins’.

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Trump blames video games for violent rise in people 'smashing bricks to get precious coins'

The mayor of Odessa, Texas, has blamed the mass shooting in his town on “violent video games.”

These statements echo that of the President’s earlier from a few weeks ago, although Trump did not stop at Mass Shootings.

“You’ve got kids today, jumping into bricks and getting precious, shiny coins from inside.
They’re imitating these Mario Brothers-not even American, not even born here by the way. They think they can just jump into a brick and a coin will pop out. Not true, not true at all OK. But more and more kids think this is the Mushroom Kingdom, and they can just jump into a brick to get a coin.”

Last month, President Trump pledged to crack down on games that ‘celebrate violence’.

Trump has said that more people die from video game related violence than from mass shootings.

“You’ve got plenty of people dying, because they think they can go to certain cities, but it turns out, these places are full of Zombies. Zombies everywhere OK. We need to stop these violent video games that cause people to think they can deal with Zombies. More people die from Zombie cities than from shootings, that’s just a fact Ok, a science fact.”

Studies show that shootings are due to gun availability, rather than video games. With the US compared to large video game markets such as South Korea and The United Kingdom.

Trump however, was undeterred and wants to implement strategies to restrict video game ownership, proposing the following:

  • Background checks on people wanting buy video games.
  • A 2 week waiting period on purchasing video games.
  • A ban on video game conventions and trade shows.
  • Attempts to stop companies such as Nintendo buying off politicians.

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