Travelodge handles Brexit staffing crisis by recruiting parents. Will read guests a bed time story after checking them in.

Travelodge handles Brexit staffing crisis by recruiting parents. Will read guests a bed time story after checking them in 3

Budget hotel chain Travelodge is targeting parents who want to return to work to fill a potential post-Brexit staffing gap if EU worker numbers fall. It plans to open 100 new hotels creating 3,000 jobs by 2023, and says it hopes to attract parents by offering flexible hours and school hour roles.

The firm has already released a job specification which lists among the duties:

  • Good disciplinary skills – When it is time for the guest(s) to go to bed you need the ability to be firm in the face of paddying, moaning that they are not tired and asking why can’t they stay up because their friends can all stay up later than them?
  • Bathing skills – some guests will want a bath before bed so the ability to make bath time fun is essential. Staff should know how to apply the maximum amount of bubble bath so guests can pretend to have a beard and a bubble afro as well as making quacking noises when playing with the rubber ducks.
  • Excellent reading skills – the reading of a bed time story is a key part of the role. This may involve having to read the same story over and over again and though you may want to read a different book – the guest is always right. Using funny voices when reading is a bonus. (Kissing the guest good night is not allowed for legal reasons).
  • Endless Patience – Be prepared to spend the first hour after lights out returning to the room to check the guest is sleeping and not jumping up and down on the bed. The phrase ‘For the love of God, will you just go to f*ing sleep’ after the tenth time this happens will always work.

Staff from the EU make up nearly a quarter of all jobs in the hospitality sector but there are concerns that proposed regulations could dictate what type of workers are allowed to come to the UK after Brexit. The government is consulting on a minimum salary requirement of £30,000 for foreign workers seeking five-year visas.

Travelodge will save money by paying minimum wage to its ‘parent’ workers. “Their skills have been put to use for free for many years already with their own children, with little thanks or praise, so why pay more?” said a spokesperson, “We intend to maintain this lack of appreciation throughout their employment.”

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