Tory propaganda escalates, as Cummings carjacks at random in a Jeremy Corbyn mask.

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Tory propaganda escalates, as Dominic Cummings carjacks random members of the public in a Jeremy Corbyn mask

Boris Johnson and the Conservative party have been accused of spreading false information about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party in the lead up to the next election.

These attacks against the Labour party leader have culminated in Dominic Cummings carjacking random members of the public in a cheap Jeremy Corbyn mask, in an attempt to smear his reputation.

One victim reports that Mr Cummings, wearing a mask far too small for his face, ran to her car and shoved a gun in her face before screaming “It’s me! Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn! I’m carjacking you because I’m a communist and believe nobody can own anything, so this is my car now!”

Mr Cummings did this to five more people, before he was fought off by a driver who had a pocket umbrella.

All the attempted victims say they immediately recognised Mr Cummings, in part due to the sun glinting from his exposed head, but mostly due to the fact he yelled “I’m not Dominic Cummings!” as he drove off.

Boris Johnson was accused of lying about Jeremy Corbyn in his interview with Andrew Marr, such as stating the Labour leader wanted to dismantle MI5.

This accusation was proved false by anybody with the time and energy to perform a 17 second google search and discovering it was actually John McDonnell who said that.

The Prime Minister also said his 1995 remarks criticising single parents were “another attempt by the Labour Party to distract from the fundamental issues at heart of this election.”

He is blaming the Labour party for the slanderous act of regular people having the basic mental capacity to fully understand the meaning of his remarks, and that under a Conservative government, no such ‘rational ability to understand clear and obvious context’ would occur.

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