Tory plan to use Queen to stop no-deal Brexit backfires as she turns up in Brussels on a dragon

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Tory plan to use Queen to stop no-deal backfires when she turns up on a dragon

Senior Tories seeking to block a no-deal Brexit are examining a radical plan involving the Queen.

However the Queen has her own plan which involves flying to Brussels on her 40 foot dragon ‘Sax-Coburg’.

In a sign of the febrile atmosphere at Westminster, these Conservatives are thinking of holding a vote on a parliamentary device known as a humble address to the Queen.

One senior Tory spoke of how they would “bend the knee” to her Majesty.

Highly placed figures in the rebel group are so concerned that the next Prime Minister could ignore the will of parliament that they have discussed a scheme to ask the Queen to intervene.

Unfortunately she has already flown over the channel and commanded Sax-Coburg to lay waste to the European Parliament. One rebel described the situation as “not ideal, though it does solve the problem of the Brexit Party as I gather the dragon attack took place in the 10 minutes where they actually bothered to turn up”. 

A further turn for the worse occurred when the Queen came back to Westminster and instructed Sax-Coburg to burn down the Houses of Parliament. “She’s been billed as this wonderful woman who represents all that is good about the UK, then she pulls a stunt like that! Bit of a late change in character arc” a singed Jeremy Corbyn stated.

Perhaps the eye-catching plan fits into the category of a device to put pressure on the next Prime Minister.

After the desolation of the Houses of Parliament Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt approached the Queen, flanked by her dragon and her dire-corgis. They began a trial by combat to determine the next Prime Minister when suddenly from the shadows John Bercow cried “orderrrrrrrr” and stabbed the Queen, ending her tyrannical reign. Prince Charles will now take the throne and Evans the tiny Welsh dragon will replace Sax-Coburg who retires to Chipping Norton. 

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