Tommy Robinson to make his own holiday chain of ‘Extreme right of center’ parks

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Tommy Robinson has been charged with common assault following an incident at a Center Parcs in Bedfordshire.

Robinson, if a pot noodle was a 4chan moderator, was arrested after officers were called to reports of an altercation between two men at the holiday park.

Robinson, a Ginster’s pasty that joined the Hitler Youth, was charged with common assault, much to the delight of his supporters as he’s a ‘proper common man of the people’.

Robinson has since been released on bail.

In the meantime, he will be concentrating his efforts into starting his own chain of holiday resorts, called ‘Extreme right of center’ parks.

These parks will contain the following amenities and activities:

  • Mixed sex, single race Tennis
  • (Send them back)packing
  • Caving (But not to the whims of Europe)
  • Laser tag (Mandatory to honour the armed forces)
  • Britain first mile of the year
  • Clay immigrant shooting
  • Bowls

Robinson, Danny Dyer by way of American History X, hopes his new park will attract the ‘right’ sort of people, and when asked if he meant ‘white’ or ‘right’, merely responded with ‘Yes’.

Robinson is is due to appear at Luton Magistrates’ Court on April 2.

It was reported that Robinson had attacked a man he believed had committed an offence, such as, for example, live streaming a video which featured defendants in an Asian sex grooming trial, and putting the entire the case at risk of collapse.

Tommy Robinson’s real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon

Just putting that out there.


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