Tommy Robinson threatens innocent journalist in middle of the night. “See – told you I don’t ‘just’ hate brown people” he says.

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Tommy Robinson threatens innocent journalist in middle of the night. See, I don't just hate brown people he says

A journalist had to call the police after the far-right activist Tommy Robinson appeared outside his house during the night, repeatedly knocking on his door and windows and demanding to speak to him.

Tommy Robinson has defended his actions, saying: “This guy has written a lot of stuff about me, which, although all true, shows me in a bit of a bad light.

“Normally I’d be following Muslims around and displaying my ignorance of Islam by shouting nonsense at them, so if anything this shows that I’m not actually a racist, as this journalist is a white guy.

In the footage, which was livestreamed online, Robinson banged on Mike Stuchbery’s windows and door, and demanded to speak to him, promising to return again on other nights.

Robinson’s supporters, who frequently tout him as a fine ‘patriot’ and someone who ‘tells it like it is’, have yet to address his criminal behaviour of the other night, in which he acted just like all good, honest British gentleman don’t.

Robinson gave Stuchbery’s street address and threatened to give out the home addresses of other journalists, saying: “I’m going to make a documentary that exposes every single one of you, every single detail about every one of you. Where you live, where you work, everything about you is going to be exposed.”

It’s just a real shame that Tommy Robinson didn’t show the same commitment to exposing the sex offenders within the English Defence League during the time he was in charge of it.

Tommy Robinson turned up first at 11pm and then returned again at 5am to continue the harassment of the journalist, who had done nothing other than report facts.

Which at least makes a change from him jeopardising important court cases by loudly protesting and filming outside them.

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