This week’s “Impossibly Funny Challenge” article: HMRC’s January deadline sees thousands forced to take part in #Taxmanuary.


This weekend we asked you to nominate UNFUNNY subjects you think it should be (almost) IMPOSSIBLE for our writers to find the funny in. You then voted in your thousands (ok, tens) to set the challenge:

HMRC’S January Tax Deadline

Never shy when it comes to taking on impossible tasks, Dan Kiss has picked up the gauntlet that you’ve all laid down for him.

Has he managed to win the Impossibly Funny Challenge? Only you can be the judge of that. Read on, tax-fans.

Movember, Veganuary, Recycling – thousands of trends come and go each year, but January sees the return of the one craze self-employed people fear most:

31 January 2019 is HMRC’s final deadline for online tax returns.

#Taxmanuary is marked, every year, around the 30th of January, when all the receipts are brought down from the attic, and used to decorate the floor. Many take this opportunity to pray, some are thankful for the year they’ve had, others hopeful of the months ahead, but most pray simply for a greater grasp of maths.

At this special time of year, the self-employed greet each other in the traditional way, holding aloft a receipt, (usually for something like a big bag of crisps) and crying “DO YOU RECKON I CAN CLAIM FOR THIS?!?!”

If you would like to participate in #Taxmanuary next year, please, for the love of god, get someone to talk you out of it.

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