Theresa May’s “CBeebies Bedtime Story” voted worst ever.

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Theresa May’s latest broadcast voted worst CBeebies bedtime story ever 2

A video of the Prime Minister sitting on her sofa and trying to appear human has been met with overwhelming scorn and disdain by viewers and anger from parents of young children.

The video, which was shared by Number Ten yesterday, shows Theresa May sitting comfortably on her sofa, telling the nation’s children an utterly depressing story about a political party that offered the country a referendum in return for votes, and then proceeded to tear itself apart, leading to utter, utter chaos and an uncertain, bleak future.

Parents claim that the story told by the scary woman on the sofa, called “Let me explain what’s happening with Brexit”, gave some of their children nightmares, especially those who had hoped one day to enjoy freedom of movement across the continent.

“The ending was really ambiguous” claimed one parent.

“It was a scary story, full of grim uncertainty and anxiety, and did not resolve itself satisfactorily, in so far as the bad guys who instigated the referendum seemed to win.

“And if you’re going to have a celebrity read the story, pick someone the kids have heard of and who doesn’t have a wavering, borderline hysterical, voice. She almost seemed to chuckle at one point and that was a scarier moment than that bit in the exorcist when the girl’s head spins round.”

The monologue, which lasted just over two minutes and lacked the gentle warmth of the normal nightly CBeebies story, was shot on a slightly shaky camera.

Giving the appearance that even the cameraman was shaking his head in shame at his tiny involvement in producing the shambolic presentation.

Some parents reported that their children had difficulty going to sleep after watching the video, although one ingenious mother solved that problem by playing her children a number of interviews featuring Jeremy Corbyn.

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