Theresa May reveals her Ireland Brexit-talk ‘Lucky Charms’. Three caged Leprechauns and a lack of respect for the Irish or their culture…

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Theresa May reveals her Ireland Brexit-talk 'Lucky Charms'. Three caged Leprechauns and a complete lack of respect for Irish culture

The prime minister has met Leo Varadkar in Dublin for talks focused on Brexit and the political deadlock in Northern Ireland.

She was accompanied by the UK’s Brexit negotiator, her chief of staff, and a small iron cage containing three captured Leprechauns. It has been reported that their supernatural good luck is the only thing able to untangle this mess.

The Irish government said the two leaders discussed “the latest Brexit developments” as well as the “ongoing political impasse in Northern Ireland”.

All the while the Leprechauns tossed gold coins into the air, which Mrs May was seen scrambling to collect. It is believed this will form the basis of Britain’s economy post-Brexit.

Speaking in Belfast, Mr Varadkar, the Irish Prime Minister, said it was “not a day for negotiations” but it was an opportunity to “share perspectives”.

“It is very clear Mrs May has not done her homework,” he added, while the British PM attempted to force feed shamrock to the capricious fey, “she could have brought a Fomorion, or threatened us with a púca. Instead, as always, she goes with the obvious answer.”

He added that he was looking to restore confidence and trust with the prime minister during their meeting.

“Though that’s difficult to do when she keeps whispering ‘Luck O’ the Irish’ during meetings…” said Mr Varadkar, stroking his pet Fenodyree.

“I’m starting to suspect she may not have much respect for Irish history or culture…”

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