Theresa May begins frantic tour of the EU. Freedom of movement can be handy sometimes, eh?

UK Politics

Theresa May is on a frantic last-ditch mission to the continent to salvage her Brexit deal today as she faces a fresh Tory bid to oust her.

The British Prime Minister, keen to appear calm and in complete control of her government, is currently dashing around as many European countries as possible like a headless chicken. Or maybe she’s just throwing some crazy dance moves; it is hard to tell.

The Prime Minister is meeting Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte for breakfast in the Hague, before having lunch with Angela Merkel in Berlin, then heading for Brussels for discussions with Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker over dinner.

Yes, it seems that running as fast and as far away as you can from a vote that you know you are going to lose can make you a tad peckish and in need of some fine European cuisine to refuel you for another day of empty platitudes and soul-destroying begging.

Visiting three countries in one day may present a challenge for Theresa May logistically in terms of travel methods and the time each leg of the journey takes, but thankfully not as far as visas are concerned.

A source reported that the Prime Minister commented several times within the first few hours how thankful she is to have freedom as an EU citizen to travel across borders on the continent without needing to apply for a visa for each country.

“Can you imaging trying to do this without freedom of movement?”, she is reported to have said on the train to Berlin, with a chuckle.

“It would make my already difficult job completely impossible.

“Thanks to my right to freedom of movement I can now hold a series of important meetings in three different countries to ensure that my plan to destroy my right to freedom of movement can be achieved.

“What’s that? Oh, a bratwurst for me thanks, and some schadenfreude for everyone watching me, please.”

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