The Official UK Top 40 – Theresa May’s still at number 10… but not for long.

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The Official Top 40 - Theresa May's at number 10... but not for long

Hi there, Political Pop Pickers its ya old mate Fluff Freemason/aka Johnny Bercow here, and what a week its been in Parliament’s hit parade this week, so let’s get on with the top ten for this week in… Orrrr-der!

  • At Number 10, but not for long, it’s the Maybot herself with ‘I just don’t know what to do with myself.’
  • At number 9, but would prefer to be in 10, Jeremy Corbyn’s singing along to the old Desmond Dekker song… ‘Oh! The Israelites.’
  • And straight in at no.8, Diane Abbot and her backing group ‘The Abacus’, with Manfred Mann’s classic..’1 2 3 4 5.’
  • Number 7, it’s Failing Grayling with the Sex Pistol’s punk hit… ‘Pretty Vacant’, not arf too listeners!
  • Incredibly, still at Number 6 for 352nd week now, it’s the Prisoner himself, Julian Assange, with ‘Alone Again Naturally.’
  • And into the top 5, PPPs…
    It’s John McDonnell with a great little version of The Smith’s classic ‘This Charming Man.’
  • We’re at Number 4 now. It’s Jean-Claude Junker with his version of Bucks Fizz 1981 Eurovision Winning Song, ‘Making Your Mind Up.’
  • At Number 3, Jacob and The 5 Star Chamber with the Johnny Hates Jazz 80’s hit, ‘I wish that I could turn back the clock’…not arf, ay Jacob.
  • This weeks Number 2, down from last week’s pole position, it’s Theresa May again with the old ‘Chairman of the Board’ groover… ’Give me just a little more time.’
  • And straight in, at No.1 this week, it’s ‘The Parliamentry Front and Back Benchers Choir’ with a cover version of Slade’s super 70’s smash hit…’Mamma We’re All Crazee Now!’

…Not Arf Political Pop Pickers.

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