Thanks to Donald Trump – 1 in 3 Americans are now able to find Ukraine on a map

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Thanks to Donald Trump - 1 in 3 Americans are now able to find Ukraine on a map

Mr Trump pushed Mr Zelensky to investigate his leading Democratic political rival, Joe Biden.

Here at the News Dump we’re fond of clouds with silver linings.

Even if those clouds are the same colour as a Wotsit.

So, whilst the orange menace has dropped yet another impeach-bomb this week, there has in fact been a residual benefit.

The American public have been treated to a free Geography lesson.

By colluding with Mr Zelensky, the incumbent President of Ukraine, in an attempt to undermine democratic rival Joe Biden…The Drumpf has inadvertently alerted a large proportion of the United States population to the existence of a country they’d never heard of; Ukraine.

Or UKRAINISTAN as Mr Trump calls it.

This caused a state of panic which was only abated when a government spokesperson put out a press release asking for calm.

‘Chill the fuck out, there are no commie space robots there!’ it read.

Jimmy Kimmel reveals Americans don’t even know Africa is a continent

A little world knowledge couldn’t a moment too soon it would seem.

Fans of the Jimmy Kimmel show will have seen recently that stopping US citizens on the street and asking them to find, well anywhere, on a map produced some worrying results.

Most recognised Africa but thought it was one country…time to go and watch Black Hawk Down America!

Now at least they can find Ukraine.

Unfortunately having found it they will discover that it is surrounded by a bunch of other countries they’ve never heard of.

The population of Ukraine meanwhile are on high alert as the discovery of their country is bound to lead to an influx of American tourists.

In order to prevent this happening they are petitioning the government to rename their country to something else.

‘This is not Ukraine’ is the current most popular suggestion.


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