‘Taxi for Farage’: Nigel heads back ‘under the rock’ as even friendless Boris rejects him

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'Taxi for Farage'- Nigel heads back 'under the rock' as even friendless Boris rejects him

A disappointed Nigel Farage was left to book an Uber for one, back to ‘under the rock’ after even Boris Johnson, a man losing friends faster than a flatulent sailor on a submarine, rejected him.

Earlier Mr Farage offered a pact between his Brexit party and the Conservatives which he said, ‘would be unstoppable’.

But, like his participation in his very own March for Brexit earlier this year, it was stopped before it had even properly started.

Mr Farage said he was ‘disappointed’ with the response as he was offering a ‘genuine hand of friendship’.

But all he got was a genuine middle finger from a Prime Minister so deeply divisive and unpopular that he puts the West Bank Wall to shame.

Farage told Andrew Marr that he does not want a job in a Tory government.

Which a Downing Street aide said was ‘one thing he didn’t have to be disappointed about as he was never going to be offered one anyway.’

Farage went on to say that ‘under a Labour government we’re not going to get a meaningful Brexit of any kind’ and described his offer to the Tories as ‘a solution’,

a proposal which many commentators say is more likely to appeal to Labour than the Conservatives.

Mr Farage offered to not field candidates in any of the Conservatives’ existing seats and targets, if in return, they agreed to stand aside in more than 80 Leave-voting constituencies where they are unlikely to win.

In response Mr Johnson said the day he agrees to a pact with the Brexit party would be ‘a cold day in hell’, leading the Met Office to check satellite images of the underworld in an effort to see the likely conditions and long range forecast between now and the end of October.


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