Sunrise Records buys collapsed music chain HMV. Gets it online – much, much cheaper.

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Sunrise Records has emerged as the buyer of collapsed music chain HMV.

After browsing in store, they went home and purchased the chain online, which turned out to be much cheaper.

The Canadian firm beat off competition including Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley.

It is yet to be seen who is the bigger mug.

The cost of the deal was undisclosed

Though sources reveal the offer was two stores for £25.  Or 19.99 each.

Owner Doug Putman was particularly pleased with the deal, as when he got to the counter he was also able to buy Katy Perry’s Greatest Hits for only £1.99.

New HMV owner Sunrise Records have said they will concentrate more on vinyl.

As hipsters still need table mats.

Owner Doug Putman said, “People like to come into a store, have an experience, talk with someone who understands music”.

So why he’s bought HMV is anyone’s guess!

HMV collapsed in December, its second administration in six years.

This means it has to start next year with a 30-point deduction from the Football League.

27 of the stores will close, resulting in 455 redundancies.

Rival bidder Mike Ashley said that he would have been able to keep them open.  Well, technically the doors would have still been locked with all the lights off, but the shop would officially be on a zero hours contract.

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