Study reveals cats take on their owner’s personality. “So that’s why my cat hates brown people!”, realise Daily Mail readers

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Study reveals cats take on their owner's personality. So that's why my cat hates brown people!, say Daily Mail readers

A study has found a correlation between the temperaments of cats and their owners, indicating that cats are able to ‘copy’ the behaviour and traits of their owners.

So if your cat is a right pain in the arse, demanding food and attention at all times and spending most of the day sleeping, chances are you need to take a good look at yourself.

The study also found that pedigree cats were more likely to be overweight.

Although the only pedigree cats that took part in the study coincidentally belonged to Boris Johnson.

Researchers from Lincoln University conducted personality tests on 3,300 cat owners and their cats.

The member of staff responsible for gathering over three thousand cats into one place in order to conduct the tests has since been signed off work with exhaustion, describing the task as ‘harder than trying to herd, well, you know. Cats’.

The animal behaviour experts at Lincoln University said owners who were neurotic were less likely to allow their cats outside, in turn causing the cats to become more neurotic and timid.

Readers of the Daily Mail, in which the findings of the study were published, have responded by confirming that now they think about it, their cats are pretty similar to them in many ways.

One reader said: “I always wondered why my cat Adolf runs away and hides whenever a brown person walks down the street past our house. Or why he claws at the screen in anger when Meghan Markle is on television. Or why he starts masturbating over the hot photos of schoolgirls getting their exam results that the Mail publishes every August.”

“Now I can see that it’s merely a case of my winning personality rubbing off on him.”

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