Stansted perfect for Trump’s arrival – both have an overblown sense self-worth, and are universally unpopular with Londoners.

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As we go to press, we’re still waiting for Donald Trump’s Air Force One to land at London Stansted. There may now be 100,000 protestors expected up and down the country during his visit – but he’s seemingly unaware – saying yesterday “I think they like me in the UK, they agree with me on immigration”.

We certainly agree on whether certain people should be allowed in the country, if that’s what he means – but somehow he’s just not taking the hint…

Stansted is a fitting landing spot for Trump. It’s difficult, has an overblown sense of it’s own worth and is almost universally unpopular with Londoners.

More bad news for Trump – as today marks the start of Twitter’s campaign to remove fake followers from total follower counts.

It’s previously been claimed that up to a quarter of Trump’s followers are fake – although he’ll probably just start angry-tweeting about how it’s a fake story from the fake news about fake fake followers.

The last time Trump got that excited over fakes, he was asking Stormy Daniels to sign an NDA.

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