Sonic boom confirmed as Boris’ quick getaway after spotting Andrew Neil

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Sonic boom confirmed as Boris' quick getaway after spotting Andrew Neil

The Met Police have confirmed the sonic boom heard across parts of the UK early hours of Sunday morning was ‘just Boris Johnson making a quick getaway after spotting Andrew Neil’.

A spokesman said jets are always on standby to ‘protect the Prime Minister in the event of nuclear attack, threat to his life or a realistic possibility of having to answer a question’.

The booms were heard across London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

In November MI5 officers were despatched to microchip Mr Neil and since then satellite tracking has been in place to make sure that he doesn’t come within 800 metres of the PM.

But as the PM returned from a late-night dogging session, it appears he inadvertently strayed within loudspeaker distance of Mr Neil.

The fighters from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire were cleared to go supersonic because of the emergency.

Mr Johnson said he’d spent a ‘wonderful evening peering through the steamed-up window of a Ford Fiesta in Epping Forest’ and ‘hadn’t given Andrew Neil a second thought’. He said he was ‘amazed and incredibly proud of the speed at which everything happened,’ and was also ‘impressed with the rapid response of the RAF’.

Mr Johnson is the only main party leader not to so far have agreed to an interview with the presenter.

A spokesman for the Conservative Party said ‘with Boris leading in the polls it seems political suicide to allow him to open his gob and ruin everything’.

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