“Some bullets are just too fatal” says Walmart

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Some bullets are just too fatal says Walmart

Walmart is to stop sales of some types of ammunition

Wallmart have realised that after a recent spate of weekly shootings in the US beginning sometime in the 1700’s, some bullets are just too dangerous to sell.

Americans will just have to accept the fact that weapons of mass destruction are no longer part of their weekly grocery shop.

But, don’t despair America, you can still buy bullets that will kill anything…just not quite as fast.

It appears that an object travelling at twice the speed of sound that could send your lungs into a different postal district is only a threat if it is followed by another one in quick secession.

So, bullets for hunting rifles, sniper rifles, pistols…fill your boots!

Bullets that can be used in assault-style weapons will not be sold

Wallmart boss Doug McMillon has realised that there is death and there is DEATH, and the latter is potentially much more lethal.

“We know these decisions will inconvenience some of our customers, and we hope they will understand.” Doug McMillon

When he says ‘inconvenience’ he presumably means those customers who will not be returning to his store because they’ve been shot dead by a bullet fired from regular gun.

America’s gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, called the changes “shameful” and said the firm would lose business.

Meanwhile the rootin tootin NRA and friends consider this move to be a capitulation before the anti-gun elites.

By that the presumably mean sane people who consider weaponising irresponsible, psychopathic, fuckheads or mad people on the fringes of society who have been neglected by a profit-mongering anti-welfare government is NOT a basic human right.

We look forward to the next mass shooting carried out with conventional weapons, it’ll most probably take longer but the results will doubtless be the same.

Just another day in the land of the brave…those that haven’t been shot that is.


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