Snow disrupts freedom of movement. Brexiteers delighted.

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Snow and ice are likely to cause travel disruption across the UK on Tuesday, the Met Office has warned.

Leave-voting racists are delighted at the prospect of people who ‘don’t belong’ being forced to stay in weird faraway places where they ‘do belong.’

“It’s one of the fundamental principles of life,” said one Brexiteer. “People should stay put where they were born. It’s not right all this travelling about, northerners mixing with southerners and whatnot. Makes me sick.

“Snow is God’s way of saying ‘movement is bad, never leave the house.’”

The Met Office said there was a “slight chance” that some rural communities could be cut off.

Many British rural communities were apparently cut off years ago – from concepts such as tolerance and diversity.

There are actually some parts of Wales where they believe that multiculturalism is when someone reads the Daily Mail with the telly on in the background.

Police have warned drivers to plan ahead and make sure they have sufficient fuel and supplies such as warm clothing, food and water.

These aren’t specifically weather related guidelines, just general advice for life after Brexit.

In fact many view the snowy conditions as an excellent dry run for a time when the transport infrastructure has completely failed, there’s no food on the supermarket shelves, bins don’t get collected and called ambulances never arrive.

Come to think of it, perhaps not much will change after Brexit.

For those in Wales, the latest weather warning follows a weekend of strong winds which left more than 1,000 homes without power.

Their primary source of power – candles – were picked up by heavy gusts and carried up to five miles away…. where they were racially abused by the local gas lanterns.


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