Shock at the Golden Globes as ‘A Star is Born’ scoops just one award. Bradley Cooper regrets wearing dress made of meat.

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‘A Star is Born’ scoops just one Golden Globe. Bradley Cooper regrets wearing dress made of meat.

One of the biggest surprises of Sunday night’s Golden Globes was that ‘A Star is Born’ picked up just a single award, despite being nominated for five, including Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Motion Picture.

Bradley Cooper, who directed and starred in the movie, appeared on the red carpet in a stunning recreation of the infamous ‘meat dress’ that his co-star Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV awards.

He had planned the tribute on the assumption that Gaga was a shoe-in for Best Actress, but after ‘A Star is Born’ died on its arse, Cooper admitted he wished he’d gone for something understated like…

…the lilac Valentino gown with puff sleeves and metres-long train that Gaga herself was wearing.

Fashion bloggers have debated the cut of Cooper’s dress, suggesting that a nice sirloin might have been less gristly.

Regardless, the raw meat ensemble complimented Cooper’s muscular frame, which made a rare shirtless appearance in 2010’s ‘The A-Team’. Oh, and in ‘The Hangover’. Also ‘The Hangover 2’, ‘The Hangover 3’, ‘Limitless’, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and literally all of his movies.

Meanwhile, food critics have noted Cooper’s controversial decision to introduce chicken to the traditional all-beef meat dress recipe.

Idris Elba, who was sat just metres away, said that by the event’s third hour the smell of raw meat on the turn was becoming ‘somewhat off-putting’.

It wasn’t all bad news, as ‘A Star is Born’ received the award for Best Original Song – the same award won by the original film in 1976.

Despite the mixed reception for his outfit, Cooper says the experience hasn’t put him off ‘testing the boundaries of men’s red carpet fashion’, and he’s got a very special collaboration with a local fishmonger planned for next month, when, he assures us:

‘A Star is Born will definitely win every single Oscar. No question.’

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