Shock as Katie Price has her assets stripped and doesn’t get paid for it

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Katie Price pumped full of Helium floats over Parliament Square launching obscenities at Trump

Katie Price has been declared bankrupt in a hearing at the High Court, which was told she had failed to stick to a plan to repay her debts.

It’s believed to be the first time she has had her assets stripped and not been paid for it.

The former model and reality TV star was not present at the London hearing.

But she tweeted, ‘They can take my cash and sell my house, but they can’t stop me packing plastic’.

Price, who lives in West Sussex, found fame in the 1990s under the name Jordan and was once said to be worth more than £40m.

Each of her breasts were valued at £25m but her air-filled brain reduced the overall value.

After a career as a glamour model, in 2001 she stood as an MP offering free breast implants on the NHS.

ITV recently honoured her efforts by hosting a general election debate involving two massive tits.

She branched out into publishing, with books such as Being Jordan,

an in depth discussion of how political turmoil and the threat of war shaped the Middle Eastern country, and how it survives as the poor relation of Saudi Arabia.

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