Scientists describe storm selfie craze as ‘natural selection at its finest’

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Scientists describe storm selfie craze as 'natural selection'

As Storm Ciara hit the UK, people were seen risking their lives to get a storm selfie.

Scientists have described the phenomenon as ‘natural selection at its finest’.

In Wales, Mumbles Coastguard cliff rescue team tweeted, ’Whilst on patrol this afternoon we saw a few people risking their lives for a photo.’

Storm selfie enthusiast, Dave from Bridgend said he liked the ‘thrill’ of knowing he could be thrown in to the sea at any moment, and told his wife not to worry as there are ‘these volunteer blokes who love risking their lives to save idiots that should have known better.’

A surfer was spotted in the water off the coast of Criccieth in Gwynedd as gales reaching more than 90mph struck the north Wales coast.

In response the RNLI sent up a series of flares which spelt out ‘TWAT!’

The man was last seen waving frantically as he was dragged out to sea by the current and screaming that he’ll be complaining to the Met Office as he’s a ‘great surfer’ and couldn’t possibly be at fault.

Despite warnings, people braved the winds and rain across the UK to try and grab a selfie with the crashing waves.

Fortunately, the craze was brought to an abrupt end when Instagram issued a warning saying that they don’t have a filter to make people look good when their hair is blowing in seventeen different directions and they’ve lost control of their own face.

Over 260 people have died taking selfies since 2011. There are no known deaths linked to storm selfies in the UK this weekend.

A fact which doctors put down to those involved having ‘exceedingly thick heads’ which protect them when crashing violently against a rock face.


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