Sara Netanyahu ordered to pay 55,000 shekels and sentenced to 200 hours of community cookery classes.

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Sara Netanyahu ordered to pay 55,000 shekels and sentenced to 200 hours of community cookery classes

 The wife of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been ordered to pay 55,000 shekels (£12,100) after she admitted misusing state funds to order hundreds of takeaway meals.

In addition, Mrs Netanyahu must complete 200 hours of community cooking classes.

Several hundred Deliveroo riders were charged along with Mrs Netanyahu and reached an agreement with the prosecution; they were fined 10,000 shekels each and had their pushbike impounded.

Israel’s Ynet website published a photograph of what it said was a note from her husband, who was not in the court:

 “We will get through this, too. Be strong!!. btw do you want to share a rice tonight or shall we get one each?”

Prosecutors defended the plea deal by citing Mrs Netanyahu’s clean record, the public humiliation she has suffered as a result of the case and the time that has passed – up to nine years – since the crimes were committed.

Ms Netanyahu, 60, smiled as she appeared in court on Sunday before the judge ratified the deal. “Do you understand what you admitted to?” the judge asked.

“Can’t cook, won’t cook?” she replied.

An official spokesman for Mrs Netanyahu released a statement following the ruling.

“Preparing dinner has never been the first lady’s forte; she doesn’t even know where any of her four kitchens are following the resignation of her most recent housekeeper. She finally gave up after the Trump BBQ hamburger incident.

“The sentence of 200 hours of community cooking is entirely justified and will be of enormous benefit to the prime minister, international guests and the Israeli taxpayer.”


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