Salisbury ‘safe’ after 13,000 hour clean-up to remove deadly poison. Next up – Tommy Robinson’s online presence.

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Salisbury 'safe' after 13,000 hour clean-up to remove deadly poison. Next up - Tommy Robinson's online presence

Salisbury has been declared safe of the nerve agent Novichok almost a year after the Sergei Skripal poisoning. Militar personnel have spent 13,000 hours on the clean-up after Mr Skripal and his daughter Yulia were targeted with the nerve agent on 4 March 2018.

The next huge clean-up on the cards is Tommy Robinson’s online presence. Robinson’s online content is said to be equally as toxic and harmful as the nerve agent itself, especially in recent weeks with the uploading of his latest comedy Panodrama.

600 to 800 specially trained military personnel, including the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear regiment, assisted in the clean-up.

Experts have estimated that these numbers will significantly increase due to the sheer scale of the task that lies ahead, although Facebook has helped greatly by removing Robinson’s account.

While some Novichok agents are liquids, others are thought to exist in solid form. Some of the agents are also reported to be binary weapons, meaning the nerve agent is typically stored as two less toxic chemical ingredients that are easier to transport, handle and store. When these are mixed, they react to produce the active toxic agent.

This is also true of Robinson. On his own, he’s easily managed, but when placed on social media amongst grammatically poor articles from the Daily Mail and Britain First, this is where we get a significant change. Suddenly, what would usually be ignored on account of it being complete bull shit, is taken as gospel by angry men shouting into their smart phones.

Novichok agents act by blocking messages from the nerves to the muscles, causing a collapse of bodily functions. A larger dose could cause convulsions and interrupted breathing, vomiting, and death.

Robinson’s content has the same effect, causing nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and even the shits. However, there are a small group of individuals who appear to be immune to the effects. Studies have shown these ‘special people’ are typically male, middle aged, and quite vocal when it comes to ‘foreigners.’

There are hopes that the removal of Tommy Robinson’s online presence will dramatically reduce the number of angry ‘British’ folk, as well as remove any risk for anyone unfortunate enough to be exposed to the inexplicably popular poison.

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