Sales of CDs plummet by 23% in a year, as consumers finally realise that talking to Alexa is easier that going up to the attic to look for them.

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Sales of CDs have plummetted by 23% over the last 12 months.

Primarily because purchasers are finally realising that talking to Alexa is easier that going up to the attic to look for them.

Just 32 million CDs were sold in 2018 – almost 100 million fewer than in 2008.

A year that didn’t include just asking Siri to find the exact song you’re looking for whilst you sat around on the sofa in your pants.

The growth of vinyl has also started to plateau, with only 4.2 million records sold.

“It just sounds better!” said a bunch of hipsters who also insist we reduce our needless consumption of plastics.

Shrinking shelf space in supermarkets contributed to the slowdown.

That, and there’s less tall people to ask you to get the CDs off the higher shelves.

HMV’s troubles suggest we are increasingly uninterested in owning our music.

Or, more likely, it’s just that no-one will ever forgive them for charging £18.99 a CD before and CD Wow came along.

The biggest selling physical CD of the year was That’s What I Call Music 101!

Which sounds like a beginner’s course in the popular Various Artists compilations.

A total of 91 billion songs were played on Spotify, Apple Music and their competitors last year.

And only 90,999,999 of those were ‘Baby Shark’. Doodle-oodle-oo.


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